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    Once a black-paper-cut piece is made, it can be transformed into a luminous light box. These light boxes can illuminate spaces, be used as theatrical set pieces, or set a cozy, vibrant mood. You can see some of the uses that the light boxes have been put to below. 

     My light boxes have been commissioned by historic folk venue Caffe Lena in order tell the history and the values of the place while illuminating audience and musicians alike with their soft glow. Musicians Robinson & Rohe use a traveling light box triptych when they tour every winter in order to create a cozy, intimate, wintry mood wherever they go. And some lucky few have light boxes in their homes, just for pleasure and to impress friends at dinner parties.

     My light boxes grew out of my work in shadow puppetry and crankies, which you can see more of on the puppetry page of this site.

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